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Dear beautiful friend,

We all have been on the hero’s journey and now with major initiations in 2020 & 2021 it is our best interest to upgrade to the super-hero’s journey.

This is next level superpower, pristine purity, crystalline clarity, diamond precision, searing truth and profound gnosis.

A superhero is an edge walker, at ease with the darkness, embraces the shadow and thrives on challenges. When everything falls apart the superhero stands strong and trust in the perfection of what is emerging. A superhero emanates ferocious passion and radically shakes things up.

A superhero is an amplifier and brings out the unseen into the seen. She/he hears underneath the words, sees beyond the horizon, connects the dots and is able to decode the hidden meaning in all things. A superhero leads by not knowing.

A superhero is also a natural lover. In fact a SUPER-NATURAL lover. In love with Self. Honoring the precious gift of Life. In a love relationship with the Divine/God/Source. Loving up the body/mind temple to unleash boundless waves of blissings.

A superhero is devoted to making the switch from healing to wholeness. Knowing there is nothing that needs to be fixed. It is simply the return to wholeness and holy-ness. The ultimate purification and liberation. Purification on a cellular level. Liberation through embodiment. Cultivating the inner paradise.

Are you ready to step up into YOUR superhero's journey? If you aren’t you become dependent on others that are doing it.

If you are ready, then join me next week, June 7-9 for the Ultimate Group Immersion of Cellular Purification & Fierce Liberation.

It’s online so you can join from anywhere in the world.

It’s free and donations are welcome.

To rsvp and more details contact me here:

Sending on ocean of love,



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