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Dear beautiful friend🌟

How are you in doing in these times of massive shifts?

Many people around me facing great challenges and anxiety due to meeting the unknown and the intensity that is in the air.

There is nothing more crucial right now than to develop a strong skillset. The foundation is deep breathing, grounding into Mother Earth, a spiritual practice, a pure lifestyle, and reclaiming your sovereignty.

This allows you to anchor into the field of infinite possibilities where you are always supported, always guided and always protected.

Do not go into old trauma patterns. They keep you stuck and then you will not be able to receive the guidance that wants to come through.

Breathing deeply will allow you to transition through the challenging moments.

Trust in the divine unfolding.  There is a divine plan currently being executed for the benefit of humanity and our beautiful Earth.

Everything is not as it appears. We have been put veils over our eyes.  We have been indoctrinated into our own victimhood.

You are your own jailer and you are also the one who frees yourself. No one can do it for you. You are the chosen one and the shining star🌟

Reclaim the ownership of your life.

You are a sovereign being. Always have been and always will be.

Maybe you have forgotten, so this is a loving reminder.

When you truly embody sovereignty then you will see through the veils of illusion. It will allow you to face a challenge without going down the catastrophic thinking pattern.

The truth is that life is filled with challenges and we often don’t have the skillset how to face the challenge and then navigating through it.  

When you have a strong skillset you can meet the challenge in a new way and this creates a new reality for you.

How you respond to a challenge shows you who you are Now. You have the choice to shift this. Next time the same challenge shows up, choose differently and you become a higher frequency version of yourself. That’s how you upgrade.

Challenges are precious gifts. They are our teachers. They are the opportunity to move to a higher octave of life. Learn to embrace them. Look for the gold. There is always gold within.

Ask yourself: Is this who I want to be?

Is this how I would like to respond?

Become clear who you want to show up as.

If you require support in developing strong skillsets I am available for coaching sessions and you can book a session

Remember, you are the shining star🌟

With so much love,



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