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Dear beautiful friend,

How are you doing? Are you tuning deep into the source of joy within you, despite everything going on? Are you experiencing laughter and sweetness every day? Are you inspired by awe and wonder? Are you sharing love in authentic connections?

Wherever you stand, I invite you to connect back to the Mother. Our great Mother Gaia who always holds divine gracious space for us. There is no more potent medicine than her presence including all her healing plants, foods and herbs.

Anchoring deeply into her frequency and being fully aware what is happening inside you and around you. There are myriad ways you can tune in her medicine such as: Sun gazing. Observing the clouds in the sky. Walking barefoot (no matter what season). Sitting in the grass. Listening to song of the wind. Tuning into the sound of silence and also the melodies of all the elements. Observing the animals. Eating sun-filled raw living foods.

All indigenous cultures know this. We simply forget about this profound medicine as we have become so busy and indoctrinated by modern society and the cult programming that came along with it.

Mother Nature holds the frequency where we can tune into our authentic Self and then reclaim ourselves. Here we can drop the false parts and dismantle identity structures. Here we can experience limitlessness and then transform into a more full version of ourselves.

Hence, the deeper YOU is coming forth. YOU, FULLY EMBODIED.

Mother Nature does not lie. There is no agenda. The raw naked Truth is exposed,100% connected to true meaningful existence.

By being real, raw and authentically connected to your source you will feel the pulse within. Your unique pulse to rock, radiate and relish in effervescence.

The pulse to live life to its fullest and grandest, with all the sparks and glows.

This is your ecstatic pulse to dance to all the colors of the rainbow. To luxuriate in divine delicious rapture. To taste the sweetest succulent flavors of life.

Are you tasting this succulent sweetness in your life?

Or are you indulging in false sweetness such as sugar to compensate for the lack of sweetness in your life?

Lesson from Earth School: When we cannot access what is deep within us then we tend to look outside of us to compensate for the lack of it.

Read this again!

When you truly get this, this can cause a huge healing shift for you.

I spent two decades of my life chasing "the illusion of happiness" with shiny objects, unhealthy relationships and toxic substances.

Until one day I freed myself with the simple lesson from Earth school.

Now I will not waste another day in the paradigm of suffering and addictions in a world of “appearances”. Life is simply too short, too precious and too f***ing beautiful.


Do not waste another day. The world needs you in your full power, full presence, full sovereignty and full pulsating stand for freedom RIGHT NOW. We are in the end game. Either we shift now TOGETHER as free humans or the sorcerers will continue to enslave humanity.

If you need support in activating your pulse within, I am still offering coaching sessions by donation.

You may book a call at

With divine love,



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