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Dear beautiful friend,

Is the lion within you roaring for fearless freedom from every cell of your being?

I can so feel you. It's been roaring within me my entire life.

The only things that stands in the way of your wildest freedom is your fear.

You must know, you are made of trillions of cells and your cells are always listening and responding. Every thought, word, emotion & deed is stored in your cells. All trauma and unprocessed emotion is stored in your cells.

When you truly get this, you will real-eyes that covering things up, worrying, hiding, complaining, avoiding and denying doesn’t serve you. Your “stuff” will always be there will you. And it won’t just go away over time but grow more, hence your fear will get worse. It’s like you are carrying an invisible baggage with you that makes your life so heavy. There is however a process to let go of your stuff.

It starts by facing your fears. On the other side of fear lies freedom. Fear stored in your body/mind temple is nothing more than a low frequency code that obscures the joy & radiance that lies within your heart.

With facing fear comes facing Truth. Not what you think is YOUR Truth or some Guru's truth. Simply TRUTH. Truth is laser sharp and cuts right through any bullshit. When you look Truth in the eyes, you will know it. It resonates in every cell of your body. There will be an arising of profound inner clarity.

When your eyes blaze with the flame of Truth, then a wildfire of fearless freedom will be unleashed from the depth of your being. You will become like a fiery lion rising for fierce liberation. Unstoppable on your path. Indomitable.

Cellular purification is like letting go of the “luggage” as you will get a glimpse of a "lightness of being". The sensation of ightness in your body as well as lightness of clarity in your mind. You are emanating more light & luminescence from every cell in your being.

And there will be more coming down the pipeline...

You are building a more refined “light” temple that is fully equipped to handle a far more joyous bliss-filled life.

Are you willing to take the ride? Then join me.

Sending bliss-ings and radiant love,



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