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🔥❄️THE HEAT IS ON.. ❄️🔥

Dear beloved friend,

How are you managing those dark cold winter days?

To be honest it has been quite a wild ride here: with extreme temperatures causing a pipe to burst that flooded my entire home, power outage, breakdowns & leaks with the car…and there is more

I felt something creeping in…a feeling that I knew all too well from my childhood and adolescence...lurking in the background

Until I declared enough is enough!

I could have easily spiraled down into the so familiar road of misery & victimhood. Instead I chose the road less travelled, spiraling upwards into the heat of the inner flame.

Intuition guided me to jump into freezing cold in order to rekindle the sizzling heat.

Becoming ablaze from the depth of the ice.

Letting the flames rise up and snake through the spine.

Igniting every inch of my precious being.

Until the blood boiled in my veins once more.

Pulsating and throbbing in my deepest essence.

Fueling my ferocious Nature into explosion of almighty ecstasy.

I am sharing this with you as we all face challenging situations. It’s part of the journey. Your skillset comes in with how you see the situation, what you make out of it and most importantly, how do you break the cycle?

The very thing that you’re afraid of is actually what liberates you. On the other side of fear is everything you desire. When you move through fear you’ll experience fierce freedom.

Most people don’t want a cure, they just want relief. The cure is actually too painful for them. It’s so much easier to hide, reject, avoid, disconnect, escape and deny. It offers temporary relief but it’s only a bandaid that will never lead to true healing & empowerment.

The “cure” is in the fear. You have to be willing to die and be reborn again.

Cold Therapy is one powerful tool that creates a state change. Instantly.

It gets you out of your head. Out of thinking and out of patterns. It catapults you out of limitations so fast and shakes you to the core of your existence.

A radical shift in perspective occurs. An opening for a new way of being. Explosive expansion.

There are various tools for creating this kind of instant state change and two others that are highly potent are Shadow work & Fasting.

They require you to face the extreme uncomfortable and your inner demons. They confront you with your own self imposed limitations. You will look fear straight in the eye and move into unpleasant sensations, feeling it all, being with all of it, until you get to the other side.

I’ll meet you there…

I have been on both sides and I am here to support you where you are, and to get you to where you’d like to be.

Join me for the Ultimate Retreat on Natural Healing & Self Actualization and together we dive deep & release what is blocking you from your fullest expansion.

Sending so much love and gratitude,



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