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Dear beautiful friend,

I invite you to start your New Year with a celebration. Celebrate what you accomplished in 2020. Even small successes. What did you learn, how did you expand and what you have transformed? When you focus on accomplishments and breakthroughs this then plants seeds that will germinate. It builds confidence and going forward it will be easier for you to create more successes.

From now on, practice to make your life a celebration. Every morning when you wake up. Celebrate a new day. A new dawn. A new life. A new beginning.

A new opportunity to create miracles.

A new dream that you then birth into reality.

A new space to weave magic & miracles

A new opening to share love.

A new YOU that is emerging, more beautiful and radiant than ever before.

Let your lifestyle be a ceremony. Celebrate gratitude for what you have and use your imagination for what your life looks like in your wildest of dreams. Honor yourself. Create your environment into an enchanted reality of awe and wonder.

Epigenetics is the study of how your environment affects your genes. You are never a victim of your genes, but rather a victim of your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle reflects every thought you think, every word you speak, every action you take, every emotion you feel and this directly programs your genes and hence creates your reality.

Your lifestyle is also directly related to the space you live in and what people and energies you surround yourself with,

You have a powerful electromagnetic field around you. Your aura.

Your aura is like a prism that reflect different waves of light. You can refine your aura by meditating and purifying your body, mind and heart.

The more your aura expands, the more you will come into deeper harmony with the rhythm of the cosmos. The more you are aligned with the cosmos the more powerful as a manifestor you will be. Your expanded aura will conspire with all the forces that are here to co-create with you.

Your aura is directly linked to your health and to your ability how you cultivate and transmit light out into your environment.High frequencies of light will blast your heart wide open and flush you with the purest love and divine ecstasy. With such powerful aura you can reach into the auric fields of others and release blocked pathways for them.

Hence you facilitate healing simply with your presence.

This is an invitation to purify dense layers of your being so you become more radiant, more compassionate and more in alignment with your inner genius.

You become a being with a pure heart.

If you need support, I am still available for coaching by donation. You may schedule call here:

Many blessings, love and light,



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