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Dear beautiful friend,

Are you ready to step into greater responsibility which equals greater power & deeper fulfillment? Become your own healer. Become highly intuitive and learn to listen to your body.

Inner-stand your body. Honor your body. Love your body. Only then will you real-eyes what is truly happening in your body. You don't need to give your power away to an authority. Your body is fully equipped and fully capable of self-healing. Your body is your temple and your light vessel and it functions like a guiding rod.


When you step into greater responsibility you own your sovereignty. You become the leader of your life. In charge. By choice. Empowered. Enlivened.

You bear witness to the majesty of who you are.

But when you believe that you are broken, weak and insignificant and that you need help from some authority telling you what to do, then you are already owned. You can then very easily be controlled.You have given ALL your power away.

By claiming ownership of your body, you rule. No dogmas or doctrines. No bowing down and idolatry. You have stepped into the deepest presence of Being-ness.

I invite you to shift from the old paradigm of hoping & believing into the New Paradigm of Knowing. Embodying. Claiming. Manifesting. Your body is yours to nourish, to heal and to protect. No one from outside is needed. PERIOD.

Honor your body with self-care rituals. Self-care = Self-love = Higher Self worth

The foundation for self-care is detoxification & purification.

Detoxification is Nature’s way of removing unwanted chemistry you have been consuming that is blocking you from living optimal vitality. This comes down to what you eat, what you drink, what you put on your skin, what you think and what environment you immerse yourself in.

Start today by cutting cord from all dependency and take your power into your hands.

Commit to a 3 day juice cleanse. This will create a solid foundation to build upon and then to expand & evolve….the results will be profoundly rewarding.

With love & devotion,



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