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Dear beautiful being, The greatest gift you can give someone is showing up in the fullness of ALL you are. How does that really look like? Embodying all your colors and textures. Your softness as well as your fierceness. Your peaceful nature as well as your warrior spirit. Your jovial ecstatic expressions as well as your meditative contemplative impressions. It means being unapologetically You. No matter what anyone else does or thinks about you. No matter what is happening in the world. No matter what the status quo is. This is about being the purest version of you. Without the toxicity and without conditioning. You have done your deep inner work of un-learning & purification, releasing all limitations, distortions and illusions. Living in your truest essence. Not wearing any masks (physical & metaphorical) Raw. Real. Naked. Pure in your body/mind temple. Wild in your heart. Free in your spirit. Welcome to the The Authentic You. Most people do not know what true authenticity is. Inner-standably so. They have spent years and decades of wanting to fit in, following the rules, conforming and needing to be liked. This has resulted in disconnecting to source and their true essence. Are you ready for a return to ALL you can be? There is nothing sexier than true authenticity. It oozes from every fiber of your being and radiates out through every cell in your body. Authenticity is magnetism. It will attract like minded energies towards you. Life will become magnetically magical and a ride into the Ultimate Nirvana. Start today making this a priority. If you need support I have many tools & modalities in my arsenal to support you. You may reach out at With love and gratitude, Sabina


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