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My dear beautiful friend,

After spending a week at the ocean on the SouthEast Coast I feel inspired to share the magic I have been encountering from living in pure flow states & trusting in the divine unfurling of ALL.

We live in a vibrational reality. Everything you desire is available for you when you are aligned with source. Through alignment you are then activated in your highest and most refined frequency. From this place you can then simply allow to let your desires flow to you. With ease & grace. Simple effortless creation.

There is no need to push, hustle or control.

Allowing is about softening. Opening. Living in a state of grace.

It’s about trusting and knowing. NOT about hoping, wishing, believing. It’s beyond that. It’s a deep inner knowing through embodiment. And inner-standing the divine unraveling of ALL that is. Trusting in the law of Nature & the Universe.

Real-eyes-ing you are the one who puts conditions on things. You are the one who limits the flow.

Are you currently facing challenging situations in your life?

You must know that there is ALWAYS a lesson within. If similar challenges keep showing up in your life it simply means you have not learnt the lesson yet. All challenges are wakeup calls and messages. That’s it.

All "DIS-EASE" is simply being OUT-Of-EASE. All dis-ease comes from the same source which is dis-connecting from source. Too much obstruction.

There are NO bad experiences but ONLY lessons. Every lesson has GOLD in it.

There are always many layers.

When you learn to un-peel layer after layer you are releasing illusion & distraction. Ultimately you get to your naked core. You re-connect to source. In complete sync with life. Allowing the unraveling of magic & miracles.

You are not a puppet on a string. You are here to allow yourself to fully open so that source can flow through you and blossom forth from you.

Practicing allowing is an art. An art from the heart. Not from the mind.

Let go and let God.

Let loose and let Love.

Let it all be and BE IT ALL.

Resistance is futile.

Start today and practice the Art of Allowing with the 9 principles of the empowered & embodied lifestyle:

Nutrition. Detox. Breath. Movement. Meditation. Nature. Alchemy. Purpose. Love.

These 9 principles are the rock solid foundation of wholeness.

9 ways of Releasing. Remembering. Rebuilding.

9 is the number of completion. Gathering all the pieces of you that have been fragmented.

Recoding yourself as a heartist. Being a deliberate Creator of sublime grace.

Authentic presence through Cellular Purification & Fierce Liberation.

Do you want more in life and to be it ALL and Have it ALL? Then join me next week for the Ultimate December Juicing/Fasting Challenge where I will touch on all 9 principles.

Sending bliss-filled love vibrations



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