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Dear beautiful Friend,

What the world needs more than anything is tenderness. Have you recently shared tenderness with another person? How about tenderness with yourself?

We all need more tenderness. Softening. Surrendering to our sweet nature.

If you don’t make this a commitment then you will harden over time. You become stiff and rigid. Serious. Your heart becomes contracted. Life then seems to be hard and you feel like you need to always push and hustle. It’s a constant need to get somewhere…but ironically there is nowhere to go!

Everything shifts when you open and soften. And surrender into your tender heart. Fully aligned and fully unfurled. You will be able to tune into the subtleties of life and into the delicacies of your soul. Life then becomes fluid and malleable. You are in the flow state. Free flow of luscious love.

Start practicing tenderness today. Cherish the moments. Life is too short and too precious to miss out on this.

There is no better foundation to becoming ultra present and honoring yourself than with a juice cleanse. It's the ultimate journey in releasing what is blocking you from your fullness.

I invite you to join me for the Ultimate September Juicing/Fasting Challenge.

When you purify your body/mind temple you are upgrading your health & vitality. You are rising into a new level of wellbeing and a more radiant presence.

This offer is online and by donation. For details on how to prepare :

Sending love,



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