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Dear beloved friend,

I’m ready for more.

To hold more.

To serve more.

To soften more.

To deepen in my soul.

2021 has been X-plosive and X-pansive in ALL areas. I don’t even identify with any aspects of the person I used to be.

Life is a Self-full-fill-ing prophecy.

Once you become crystal clear and make a conscious decision.

Along with taking aligned action steps. Long enough consistently.

Everything shifts and aligns.

The universe responds to decisiveness and supports those who are stepping up in their highest mission.

Are you ready for total Self-Actualization? Ready to re-invent yourself?

Yes, this is possible. I have reinvented myself over and over again. The amount of metamorphosis I experienced in my life is truly profound.

If I can do it, you can too. I am simply here as your sacred mirror.

First it takes total letting go of ALL that is blocking you.

Total un-masking. Total un-veiling. And total surrendering to each step of this process.

Looking fear straight in the eyes. Facing your inner demons.

Getting utterly raw & naked. Radical honesty & vulnerability.

Deep intimacy with yourself.

Breaking free from status quo and breaking free through limitations.

Truth is razor sharp. It shakes you to the core of your being.

It catapults you into a shift in perspective. It radically blasts you open to new horizons.

A new way of seeing and and an entirely new way of being.

Showing up for life fully lit up. Fearless. Bold. Courageous. Like a Jedi. Equipped with a light sword to conquer ALL darkness.

Coming from the inner-standing that you don't need to heal from anything or fix anything but rather that you are returning to wholeness. Returning to you in your true essence.

The Original You. The True You. The Full You.

If this resonates with you then ask yourself the following questions:

Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning with little energy and inspiration?

Are you experiencing stress, fear and anxiety?

Are you just following along with what most people are doing, just to fit in and to be accepted?

Are you silently suffering and not living your dreams?

If you answer any of these question with yes then you are not living fully self-actualized but a small version of yourself.

Deep down inside you know there is more to life but maybe you don’t know how to transform your current situation? Or maybe you are procrastinating taking actions? Or maybe you have accepted your situation as it is quite comfortable. Comfortable equals comfortably numb. There is no expansion in comfortable.

“Comfortably numb” is a powerful song by Pink Floyd that has always compelled me to get out of my own lethargy.

“When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye

I turned to look but it was gone

I cannot put my finger on it now

The child is grown. The dream is gone.

I have become comfortably numb”

I am here to lovingly remind you that it is never too late to reinvent yourself and you can Self-Illuminate at any moment in time. Dreams are here to be lived, not to be numbed.

It starts by making a decision. From then you create a ripple effect…

This ripple effect can create a tidal wave. And yes, even a tsunami:)))

360 degree transformation is possible! In ALL areas. Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul. REWIRING of your entire system through lifestyle changes & regeneration techniques.

This is not an over night process nor a quick fix. However with the right guidance it will be a potent journey returning to wholeness. You will see results in a short time when you commit yourself to this step by step process. It is actually quite simple when you trust in your divine self-healing power and let Nature support you.

I am here to guide you into your fully actualized Self so you can BE it ALL and have it ALL. In ALL areas of your life. I work with you 1:1 as your ally and accountability partner to make sure you are creating results for yourself.

You can schedule a 1 hour coaching session for a heart contribution of $111 here:

For those in challenging financial situations I am offering this on a sliding scale until Dec 31 ONLY and in 2022 the investment will increase.

Energy exchange $33-$111. Book a call:

So take advantage of this special offering NOW if you are committed to make 2022 the most full-filling year EVER.

With so much love,



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