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Dear beautiful friend,

I am sending love your way from sunny Florida where I am offering a ceremony with 5 Rhythm Dance. If you are not familiar with this dance I invite you to explore it.

For those in Florida please come and join this weekend at JaiStar Festival. Tickets:

5 Rhythm Dance is Moving Meditation. Moving the body in order to still the mind. The five rhythms are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. When all 5 rhythms are danced in sequence, this is known as a "Wave.

5 Rhythm dance is about exploration, moving beyond self-imposed limitations to new places of creativity & connection.

This dance is about expressing vulnerabilities, emotions, anxieties and releasing it into the movement so you can discover yourself anew.

When you dance in your fullness

Spirit moves freely.

You recognize your fluid nature.

The dance allows you to express ALL of YOU.

Your aggression and vulnerability.

Emotions and anxieties.

Edges and ecstasies.

Sadness and joy.

Sensuality and fierceness.

Your feelings shake loose and you get real.

Unraveling your raw authentic nature.

The healer, the rebel, the explorer, the warrior, the God/Goddess, they are all within you.

Longing to be lived fully. Enraptured and enlivened.

The movement becomes the medicine.

Also, please save the date for the Weekend Immersion Retreat in May.

With love, Sabina


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