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Dear beautiful friend,

Trees need to have strong deep roots in order to rise high.

And the same with us. We need to build our roots powerfully so we stand firm in the midst of a tornado and rise above any challenge.

Your foundation is everything. If you don’t focus on building a solid & bullet-proof foundation then you are running the risk when a storm comes your house will be blown off. Or your basement will be leaking and then become a breeding ground for foreign invaders.

How are you building the foundation of your body/mind temple?

What are you feeding it with?

How are you cultivating your inner terrain?

What daily practices are you using to anchor yourself into wholeness?

Simultaneously with building roots comes growing wings in order to not only rise but then to soar & fly high. This means creating high visions and dreaming big dreams.

This is truly the time to be bold. Fierce audacious Boldness is required at this pivotal moment in time. Say a bold YES to your heart’s deepest desires. Say a bold NO to everything that is not in alignment with your highest Self.

Think outside the box. And then step outside the box. BECOME BOX-FREE. Fluid. In constant flux. In high states of flow. Boundless.

Push the boundaries of creativity. Become a true visionary. An edge walker. Trust me, there is more passion at the edge of life. Wayyyyyyy more!!!

Do something you have never done before. Venture into unchartered terrain. Embark on wild adventures. Become the superhero of your own journey.

Boldness also requires to face the uncomfortable and to take risks. Fear holds the key to your greatest destiny. Dive deep into the essence of fear. On the other side of fear lies tremendous freedom.

One of the fastest ways to grow strong roots and develop powerful wings is through Cellular Purification. Start with a 3 day juice cleanse that I am offering in October. This will lay a solid foundation to build upon and to expand further. The possibilities are limitless.

With so much love,



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