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Dear beautiful soul,

Life is like a roller coaster. We go up. We go down. Often we are dreading the drop. There is that tormenting sensation in our stomach that this ride never ends. Or the fearful thought that it might end up in a crash and even death.

We cling desperately to the safely rails. We pray that it will soon be over.

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could just ride the ride… and enjoy every single moment of it?

All of it, with the climbs, the peak of the highs and even the full speed drop into the deep abyss.

An abyss that looks so harrowing as if it might devour you.

What if you could just enjoy the ride, with the knowingness that the drop will not kill you? And it's ALL part of the journey.

Do not pull the brakes. Do not slow down.

Do not be afraid.

Do not try to control the situation.

Just ride the wave. Surrender into the feelings. Feel them, no matter how intense.

There is no escape. Nor spiritual bypassing.

The only way out is through.

You are prepared for this. And you are ready. More than ever.

Trust me.

How do I know?

Because you are here. And it’s already happening.

Whatever is happening in the world right now is directly reflecting back at you and who you are choosing to be while you are riding the ride.

It's an illusion that you can control the ride, you simply cannot. However you can choose who you are embodying during the ride of a lifetime.

Remember who you are. Remember why you're here.

You are so powerful, so beautiful, so divine, and you are always protected and guided. That is the key to enjoying the ride we call life.

I am with you and sending outrageous love,



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