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My dear precious friend,

It is a true honor to share with you a treasure that I have been refining for several years now. Recently I connected with an amazing healer/mentor& coach John DePass and we have both combined our gifts into a unique offering for Accelerated Healing & Empowered Living as an Online Retreat Nov 1-11.

True healing is clearly the return to wholeness. It’s about removing all blockages on a physical, mental, and energetic level. Then it requires the re-wiring, re-building and re-generating of your entire cellular structure with new empowered lifestyle changes.

You inner chemistry is EVERYTHING.

And an authentic connection to source and embodying your soul purpose.

Then everything falls naturally into alignment.

This journey is result oriented.

Down to Earth. Grounded. Anchored in real life experiences.

Let me ask you?

Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning with little energy and inspiration?

Are you experiencing stress, fear, overwhelm and anxiety or feeling depressed?

Do you need stimulants to keep you going?

Are you silently suffering and not living your dreams?

But you know deep down inside that there is more to life but you don’t know how to change your current situation?

Then this Retreat is for you.

If you have toxicity & blockages in your body/mind temple you will not be able live in your fullest expansion and ultimately disease will show up…

Any disease is a wake up call but why wait until disease kicks in, instead rather act now to create a strong terrain so disease cannot manifest?

Cellular purification of body & mind is the foundation. Combined with Ancient Alchemical Wisdom and Nature based tools. Then followed by rewiring of your entire system through regeneration techniques & lifestyle changes. This is not an over night process nor a quick fix. However with the right guidance it will be a potent journey returning to wholeness & vibrancy.

You will lay a whole new foundation for your life and see results in a short time once you commit yourself to this step by step process. It is actually quite simple when you trust in the self-healing power of your body and let Nature support you.

John and I are here to lead you into your fullest expansion so you can BE it ALL and have it ALL. In ALL areas of your life.

Life is so precious and why waste another moment in suffering, disease, procrastination or loneliness? The solutions are here and will create results for you. All it takes is your commitment, devotion and willingness to do what is required. It takes opening yourself to your next level. It’s that Simple.


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