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Dear precious being,

We have come to an interesting moment in time when the old ways of being are no longer working, the fast forward button has been pushed and we have embarked on this WILD ride that seems to never stop but only is accelerated.

Truth is razor sharp. It will leave no stone unturned. We are in times of greatest revelations.

Facing the truth can be your greatest nightmare if you keep holding on tightly to the old ways and contracting in comfortable numbness. You have to be willing to completely let go of of your identity and everything you thought you are and everything you knew, in order to embody the new YOU.

This can be a painful process and even seems like dying. You are dying to who you thought you were. An outdated version of you that can no longer hold the ground for these current fast tracked times.

Revelations will never hurt you but are here for your greatest expansion. They will rip you wide open for the darkness to be looked at and your pain to be felt. When you feel pain deeply in every cell of your body it opens you even wider for the light to then penetrate. That is the moment when transmutation is activated.

This journey is not for the faint of heart or for those who are looking for a quick fix. There is no magic wand nor a pill that will do the trick. First you must slay the dragon and face the depth of pain within you. Hence you make space within you for what is most precious.

We humans tend to cover things up, suppress ourselves with unhealthy foods and habits, however the real transmutation takes place when we face it ALL and feel it ALL.

You must break all habits, dissolve all limitations and rise into your true nature to live the majesty as ALL YOU ARE as a vessel of the divine.

Every pain can be alchemized into victorious joy. Pain comes from being separated from source. When you learn to reconnect to your source it will be like homecoming, aligning to your natural state of being. Your heart is re-ignited in its pure wild spark and illumination takes place. Your flame will burn so brightly that it inspires others as you are radiating in your most scintillating, most pristine and most magnetic.

It starts with understanding what a miracle your body is. How it functions, understanding all the systems and how they are all related. And the gnosis that the body can heal itself from ANY illness and Nature is here to support you.

When you get this simple yet deeply profound process you will be in awe of life and devote yourself living it to its fullest with all the precious gifts it offers.

The key is Cellular Purification and Soul Embodiment. When your body is pure then your mind becomes clear and you break free from illusion, deception and distortion and can then fully align to source.

Being fully aligned to source you will be the embodiment of your highest Self, reflecting your divine frequency out there and receiving it back multiplied as a co-creator of the universe.

It is my absolute joy to support you on your journey as an embodied leader of the New Earth. There is nothing left to lose, but everything to gain.

You may book a discovery call here:

Enchanted blessings,



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