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Grand Rising my dear beloved Friend,

It is my honor to invite you to a truly special event that I have been dreaming to host for a very long time. Yes, dreams do come true.

This May I am offering a Health & Wellness & Raw Food Retreat in collaboration with three beloved friends of mine. Together we are weaving our unique skills & gifts for a Deep Immersion Weekend in a beautiful Mountain Forest Oasis.

We are living beings and we need living foods. This Retreat offers the purest that Mother Nature provides, Raw Organic Gourmet Cuisine. Food with all the colors of the rainbow, alive and vibrant with energy. Raw food expands your magnetic field & aura and offers the highest level of bio-photon energy. It is filled with sunlight so you are eating the purest form of sun energy combined. Raw food also contains structured living waters which is the most powerful form of hydration.

We are all longing for deep authentic connections. This Retreat will support you in returning to Wholeness, your Natural Self and aligning to source. Simultaneously you will connect to other beings in a sacred container. Heart to Heart connections. Activating the free low of free...

See below all details and looking forward to be in your presence.

Divine Love,



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