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Dear beautiful friend,

Every encounter with another being opens up the space for infinite unfoldings.

A field is then created where two people can weave their unique energies into and create a new tapestry of their togetherness through shared visions & ideas.

When both come from a pristine space of pure love, then magic & miracles arise. Simultaneously, creativity skyrockets to a peak states as both are feeding off each other’s energy. Each one is felt, received and experienced. It's like a bio-dymanic feedback loop with the universe.

All there is is heart to heart connection

No expectation. No agenda.

Pure love flow.

Respect and reverence.

Trust is paramount.

Your unwavering authentic presence creates trust.

With this presence you send out a carrier wave. Your unique transmission.

This is a powerful tool for divine manifestation.

Your transmission however can also be your downfall, when you come from a space that is not pristine. A contracted heart. A rigid mind. Not being fully embodied in your values. Then the flow will be restricted. Causing disturbances in the space between you and the other.

Your presence is EVERYTHING. And to look at others in an unfettered way.

This is my invitation to support you with deepening your presence:

Ask yourself: What are you standing for? What is your greatest contribution? What are your highest values?

And where are you out of integrity with these values? Where are you not giving yourself fully?

Where do you push and subtly try to manipulate?

Any encounter is a golden opportunity to share your unique gift freely and abundantly. And simultaneously to learn from the other being. Open yourself fully as an empty vessel to receive.

And then to hold the presence of purity in your beingness.

With gratitude always.




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