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My Dear Beloved Friend,

The true purpose of the holy days is to immerse yourself in deep reflection on what this year has taught you. Life experiences are our best teachers.

What has served you and what do you need to let go of?

What are you choosing to do differently and what are you creating in 2022?

My biggest commitment is to living in full resonance with the I AM presence. Living each moment in wonderment and childlike curiosity. Being in awe in Nature’s ravishing playground. In a state of PERPETUAL BLISS REALIZATION.

Releasing the veils of duality to witness the beauty and divinity of ONEness.

Real-eye-sing the kingdom of God is within.

The most essential question is: What are you grateful for?

When you focus on gratitude then the universe will bring MORE to be grateful for.

I am deeply grateful for having stepped fully into service mode to humanity.

In 2021 I have supported beautiful souls in 17 different countries and 5 continents on their path to wholeness. And this is just the beginning as I am always ready for more…

Are you open for more in your life and let go of what has been blocking you?

Maybe you want to loose weight, reverse dis-ease or overcome emotional & mental challenges? Maybe you just want to experience more energy & vitality and reverse aging so you can radiate youthfully at any age? Or maybe you want to connect deeper to source, unlock full-power creativity and fulfill your soul purpose?

Whatever it is, there in one solution:

Deep cleansing in combination with trauma release and creating new lifestyle patterns. It’s that simple.

Everything that has been holding you back comes from a clogged up system and hence disconnecting you from source.

Too much waste accumulation in your body.

Too much toxicity in body & mind.

Too many unprocessed emotions and childhood trauma stored within your cells & tissues.

Too many limiting beliefs, fear based thoughts, mental constructs and conditioning from misinformation in the field around you, all the way going back to childhood.

We all have been programmed, brainwashed and lied to. RAZOR SHARP TRUTH. (It has never been more obvious than Now)

All this has clogged you up. Tightened you. Locked you in. Limited you.

Imprisoned you. So often without you even being aware of this.

It seems normal to feel tired, exhausted, uninspired, worried, stressed, stuck in a pattern, and there is nothing to look forward to.


Life can be a grand rapture, a wild adventure, a sweet romance and filled with oceanic waves of joy, abundance & love.

Once you learn how to open up ALL your pathways then the energy will flow again. You become more fluid, more flexible, more pure, more present, and more available for MORE of your heart’s desires.

Everything expands, activates and aligns. You return to your Natural Self. Filled with life force and ready to sculpt your dreams into manifestation.

Are you ready to step into a tribe of like minded beings so you can be held & supported conceiving your majestic 2022 and amplifying your heart's dreamings? Join John & myself for the Ultimate NEW Year NEW YOU Online Retreat on Natural Healing, Self Empowerment and Manifestation. This is full body/mind/soul/spirit Rebirth.

Details & RSVP here:


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