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Dear beautiful friend,

We are in 2020 and a crucial year in history. 20/20 means perfect vision.

What a perfect metaphor with everything going on right now.

With the false narrative being exposed, the old systems crumbling and being dismantled. nothing is hidden anymore. Everything is being surfaced.

The light brings up everything that is out of alignment.

It has never been more clear and never more in the “limelight” what is truly happening here. So many layers…and all in divine order.

On a cosmic level, we have shifted from a 3 D dimension into the 4D dimension and the energy has never been more intense than Now.

This is the time to upgrade your current vision into a more expanded vision that can pull you and stretch you so you become more of YOU.

Instead of being a consumer this is the opportunity to become a creator. A generator of new ideas and big visions that lead to profound cosmic unfoldings.

You become a world weaver and participate in the evolution of humanity.


As a creator you start thinking for yourself. If you don’t think for yourself you become easy prey and fall into a paradigm that is not in your best interest.

There has never been a more potent time than Now for massive healing, profound transformation and shifting into a higher perspective.

This is the time to step off the hamster wheel, decode from the matrix control grid and retrieve the sovereignty of your soul.

This is the time to remember.

Remember who you truly are. Remember why you’re here.

Remember your mission. Your purpose. Your divinity.

And remember to take action. No more waiting for the right moment or waiting to be ready. Do it NOW!

Step by step. Inch by inch. Breath by breath. Smile by smile:)

This is THE invitation to unlock your full potential. Take the ride without the brakes on. Rev the engine of your soul and enjoy the full powered journey.

Life is an adventure.

It can be hell on the surface. Or heaven on Earth.

You choose.

It starts by breaking free….saying No to the old ways. Saying NO to scarcity and limits. Saying No to control and division.  Saying No to agendas. No more. Enough is enough.

A free soul does not follow agendas and does not blindly follow along with what everyone else is doing.

Freedom starts by transforming your core wounding.

Dissolving your trauma imprints.

Releasing addictions, bondages and looping cycles.

Your mind is the great trickster. It loves to take you on a ride. Round and round in circles. Re-living the same story over and over. And then all over again. Nothing ever changes.

Does this sound familiar?

Freedom starts by letting go of:

- Any dependency of anything outside of you.

- Anything you think you need to make you feel whole.

- Any finger pointing at anyone.

- Any shaming or guilt tripping.

This is a waste of your energy. It will lead to nowhere and is the victim frequency.

The divine has elected you.

2020 is the year of your perfect vision and the year of YOUR election.

Become a history-maker and not a by-stander.

The divine needs you to be ready to step into your gifts. Do not ignore the calling any longer. Don’t miss the window of golden opportunities.

What are you willing to let go of today?

And what is one small action step you can take right now towards your highest vision?

Don’t wait. Life is short. Why not live it fully?

To love and freedom,



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