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Dear beautiful Friend, Have you ever looked at where you are closing yourself off from love? Many people are trapped in a story. A story about themselves and a story about the world. They are in dire need to be held so they can transition out of their limiting perspective. This is the time to expand your heart like never before. With a contracted heart you can only hold so much. With a fully expanded heart you can hold the vision for a higher world, A New Earth. To expand your heart you must go beyond your barriers. Beyond your comfort zone. Beyond your limits. Beyond everything you have ever known. Every time you judge, every time you resist, and every time you deny, you have simply reached your barrier to love more. We have been programmed that love can hurt and there is not enough and self-love is narcissistic. This is a false paradigm. Love never hurts, it is only your perception about a situation that can cause pain. The only thing that stops you from loving more is your fear. A course in miracles teaches: "Perfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, then there is not perfect love." Please reflect on your life and see where there is fear? Is there anyone for whom you cannot feel love? And then go deeper and see how you can create perfect love in this situation. Every encounter with another being is an invitation to share love and to contribute to the other. If challenging emotions come up this is simply a sign that you have reached your limits of how much love you can give and receive. Remember what you see in the other is deep within you. Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. Choose to see beauty and magic. It's everywhere and it starts with you. Love, Sabina


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