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Together...we witness a million miracles unfold

Motherhood is a rite of passage, a threshold into a new dimension of existence that is transformational from the inside out.

The birthing process actually happens twice. Once you give birth to our child, and also you give birth to yourself as you are reborn and step into your fullness as a woman.

A radical shift occurs as you are moving into a state of selflessness. It is a great honor when you are being called to serve and nurture a newborn spirit. Herein lies great opportunity for healing from your own childhood and to create a new reality for your child.

Motherhood develops an increased awareness and sensitivity. You are focusing on the present moment and stepping into greater responsibility.

There can be also a feeling of great loss as the old "me" has died and life will never be the same. This shift can be as intense as a metamorphosis takes place in the core of your being. However it provides a tremendous opportunity to pass on your feminine wisdom and power to a little angel who can then make this world a more beautiful place.


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