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Dear beautiful friend,

As the world is going through a purification cycle so is each one of us going through our own personal purification. We are all being tested whether we are resilient enough not to be swept away by the stories that are circulating in the field.

These tests are necessary so we can refine ourselves.

Everything that shows up in your life is a reflection of yourself and you must face it in order to transmute it. You must go through it in order to be completely free from it all. The courageous and noble path is about facing EVERYTHING and avoiding NOTHING, instead of projecting it onto someone or something outside of yourself.

In this process you refine your character. It polishes your inner crystalline grid infusing you with clarity, charisma and cultivation of grace.

Take some time today for deep self inquiry and ask yourself: Are you anchored enough so you can stay centered amidst the storm? Have you deepened and built strong roots? Are you moving gracefully through the intense shifts and constant upgrades? During challenging times can you still act graciously and treat others with dignity? Can you soften and open up stagnant areas so you can access flow states?

This is a precarious balancing act with all the elemental forces.

Being deeply grounded like a tree. Steady as a rock. Open and spacious as the big blue sky. Fluid & flexible like the ocean, moving with the flow of opportunities. Lit up from within, your wild flame, ready to ignite your heart’s longings.

With courage you learn to look pain straight in the eyes knowing the medicine is in the pain. Then you’ll experience moments of grace. In the presence of grace, pain will transmute and has less power of you.

Deeper levels of love require courage & boldness to go beyond your comfort zone. It also requires showing up and playing full out, no matter what life presents. And no matter what the outcome will be. It takes letting go of the illusion of control.

Relax. Nothing is under control.

With this perspective you will live life more lightly. Lightness of being becomes your default. This brings you moments of grace. With grace comes joy. Out of joy arise magic & miracles.

This is the paradigm I am choosing to bask.

If you'd like to explore what’s possible then join us for the May Retreat “Return to Wholeness”, see info below

From my heart to yours,



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