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Mirror Mirror on the wall…

What do you see, dear beautiful friend?

Look close and look deep.

This is your moment for radical transformation.

If you don’t like what you see, you are looking at a distortion of yourself.

Here is a moment of Truth: You have been waiting for yourself.

A reflection of you that pulls you into a greater expression of yourself.

Open yourself to the highest reflection your soul is longing to become.

The world is going through a quantum shift right now. And in order to keep up with the higher frequency we all need to shift too.

If you don't, what is coming might be too intense for you. It could lead to fear, confusion and despair.

Let go of everything you thought you are.

Open yourself to a New You. Fully expanded. Fully embodied. Fully present.

Fully alive and fully activated.💎

Open yourself to all your colors, glows and sparks. Open yourself to the sweet melody of your song. Open yourself to your glorious luminosity.

Whatever is holding you back is simply your own limitation.

Your soul is longing for evolution. And that is why you came here for.

You are not here on this Earth to struggle nor to survive. And you are not here to make it through another day. Nor to make it through 2020.

2020 is the wakeup call to evolve and to expand. No more playing small and no more holding back. No more hiding. No more waiting for something or someone. No more! 

What got us in this current situation is all of the above. Giving our power away to outside sources. Procrastinating. Tolerating. Following. Not questioning.

What the world needs more than ever is empowered awakened fully embodied leaders. 

Life on Earth is like a Mystery school. It’s all about unlocking the fullness of ALL that you are.  Guiding yourself deeper into you.

And falling deeply and madly in love with your most magical reflection.

This is not hard. And it doesn’t need to take a long time. It starts with deepening into the knowingness that you are so profoundly precious and powerful beyond anything you ever thought possible.

Remember: For a diamond to be formed, carbon atoms had to go through intense heat and pressure in order to be crystallized.

Crystallize my dear friend.

I see you in your highest refection.

With Love,



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