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Dear precious friend,

Your existence on this physical plane is your training ground. Like a jedi, you can learn how to work with the energy of the universe and direct it to higher frequency expressions in your life. Your daily life reflects who you are on an vibrational level.

You came here on this Earth Plane for the expression of your purest most potent frequency. You are infinite and contain all the knowledge you ever need. You are sustained by an intrinsic energy source.

This is your FORCE.

Your force is never ending. Always evolving. Without limitations. You are part of everything in the grand universe.

When you raise your energy you come into alignment with a higher vibrational pattern and what you desire can instantly manifest.

You raise your energy by making life an Adventure & cultivating your skills .


Don’t waste a day without exploring, expressing and expanding your energy.

Your cannot come into full force power without experiencing some of the bumps and bruises. We need to face these hurdles in order to concentrate our energy for rising above. Becoming resourceful. Solution oriented. Creative. Innovative.

That’s how you increase your force.

The University of hard knocks allow you to grow fast.

Whatever obstacles you face is here for your growth. It is part of your soul journey or the result of something you created in the past.

There are no accidents, no coincidences and no misfortunes.

Every experience is here to enhance your perception.

Fine Tuning your system.

Polishing your inner diamond.

Amplifying your force.

If there would be no challenges, there would be no learning process.

There is no short cut for your Earth Experience.

There is only moving through.

Stepping up.

Rising beyond.

The force is with you.

Seize the moment.

Trust its power.

Listen to the signs and messages you receive daily.

Practice deep wells of curiosity & appreciation.

Don't get sidetracked of what is unfolding on the "world stage" and the actors that are playing their roles. This is simply distraction.

Concentrate your energy on the creation process.

And you will become a true master in the Art of Energy Management.

If you are called to go deep on Energy Mastery and increasing your FORCE then join us for a Weekend Immersion in the Hudson Valley NY.

Love, Sabina

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