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Dear beloved friend,

Many are called, few are chosen.

Please know that this does not mean that some being outside of you is doing the choosing. It means you are the ONE.It is your soul that is choosing.

I invite you to reflect on this for a moment. In this critical time your soul presence is needed.

No more time for playing small! Remember, you have these amazing technologies, your two temples: your body and your mind. Your body is a sacred temple that can carry and transmit light. Your mind is a powerful generator that can manifest thoughts & ideas into reality.

All it takes is to own that you have an alchemical laboratory within you. And then to light it up. Initiate the light within you.

This is the process of soul Illumination.Claiming your inner authority. Creating your inner architecture. Embodying your sacred sovereignty.

This has nothing to do with becoming, but rather owning that you already are the divine expression of sovereignty.

And then releasing everything that is not in alignment with it.

There are many tools that can assist you in the process of Soul Illumination.

Here are just a few:

Sun gazing (30 min within sunrise & sunset)

Exposing your skin to sun light.

Eating sun filled food (raw living organic fruits & vegetables

Grounding into Mother Earth (skin contact with Earth)

Sacred Geometry

Visualization & Meditation

Sound Healing, 432 Hz frequency

Deep diaphragmatic breathing. Breath retention and letting the energy ascend to the crown chakra/Pineal gland Activation

Train yourself to be with yourself in stillness so you can create your new biochemistry.

When fear shows up, look what is underneath the fear?

Everything that comes from fear is a distortion. Fear and love cannot exist in the same reality.

What are you feeding?

Which thoughts are you giving energy? Which energies do you surround yourself with?

Anything that separates does not come from Love.

When you make this process into a habit you then become masterful at this alchemical process of Illumination.

You will become un-corruptible. Unshakable. Unwavering.

With Love,



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