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My dear beloved friend,

Longevity is more than just living a long life. Because what good does it do if you make it to 100 but are confined to a wheelchair or are distraught from dementia? Longevity is about living fully awake, activated and alive Feeling vital & vibrant and victorious. Exuding ageless beauty. A youthfulness & playfulness at any age. Letting go of the fear of aging but rather owning that you are always at the prime of your life, in every Now moment. Longevity means a continued focus on higher consciousness and optimal functionality. It takes moving beyond the mind and living in the space of the Divine. Longevity is about cultivating energy & life force. . Energy & life force are emitted from the Earth and the Sun in the form of photon light particles. Plants convert this light energy directly into usable energy and so can the cells in your body. Your energy field is the collective sum of the energy of each of your trillions of cells. The body and its energy field are like an orchestra playing a symphony. If each instrument is finely tuned to the same scale, there is coherence, resonance, order and harmony. If instead, the tuning is off, the result will be dissonant and disharmonious, creating chaos, disorder, and dis-ease. You can increase the level of Life Force Energy in your cells through Raw living food nutrition. Raw Food is alive and beaming with potent life force from the light of the sun. It will give you the highest concentration of electrons into your cells. Each cell is like a battery. With Raw food nutrition you get the best battery charge. You are also upgrading the power of your DNA. Alkalizing and mineralizing yourself. Raw foods are high in enzymes which supports digestion. And most importantly you are flooding your temple with luminous light & God-force and so you are building longevity. If you'd like to nourish yourself an entire weekend with Gourmet Organic Raw Vegan Cuisine then join us for this special event below... With Love, Sabina


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