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Dear beautiful friend,

This is an urgent message: It is time for joy and laughter!!!

Are you noticing that hardly anyone is smiling these days. We don’t hear laughter on the streets anymore. Humanity has become so serious and so disconnected. Therefore I urge you to reconnect to your deepest joy and then spread it far and wide.

I truly believe this is the greatest time to be alive.Yes, I really do!

You might not agree with me and I get it, because the way it’s looking “out there” does not look too promising. However I invite you to go beyond of what is happening “out there”.

Out there is mass hypnotism and low level conversations. Don’t fall prey for it. It’s designed to distract you from your true path, the path of illumination.

Illumination is the deep inner work we all have to do right now in order to be awake within the dream and not carried away by the dream spell.

Out there” does not affect you when you are deeply aligned to your source and live in integrity with the highest light.

Scintillating joy is your birthright. It is embedded in the deepest core of your being. It has nothing to do with what is happening outside. And nothing needs to happen for you in order to feel joyful.

Joy is an integral part of you. It is you when you are infused with life force. It is the essence of your being. It is you in your highest emanation.

Joy springs forth naturally when you are in love with life, in love with Self and with the sacredness of all.

Everything then becomes a reflection of you.

Joy does not depend on anyone or anything. Joy is you in your raw nakedness. Joy implodes in your heart when you strip away all conditioning and all addictions.

We are all addicted to certain unhealthy patterns. Cycles of traumas. Disempowered ways of thinking. Dependency and self-destruction.

Ask yourself: Where are you numbing yourself? This could be food, substances, distraction with electronics, relationships etc..

Where are you rekindling your wounds and indulging in the pain?

Where are you leaking your power?

Every time you have a disempowering thought or emotion, you are leaking your power.

Where are you blaming? Every time you point the finger at someone or something outside of you, you are giving your power away.

I invite you to do some deep reflection on this.

Your addictions are holding you back from the profound joy that is deep within you and longing to be unleashed. And I can guarantee you, you haven’t even scratched the surface of the amount of joy that is available for you.

Let go of who you used to be and become someone you have always dreamed of being.

Let go and let your joy go viral….

With so much love,



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