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Dear beautiful friend,

"The wound is the place where the light enters you", the Persian poet Rumi stated so elegantly.

Your wound is sacred hence nothing to be afraid of. It is the gateway into the grand big void…

Your wound is simply alerting you that it needs tending. Most people do not like to look at their wounds, it’s too painful to feel and too uncomfortable to explore. So they keep themselves busy. Busy with all their mundane tasks, busy with other people’s issues and busy with what is happening in the world. Often immersed in a digital & artificial reality. Disconnected from the wonders and treasures that are available by delving into the source of the wound.

Do you often find yourself reaching for the comfort foods, a drink, someone to talk to, going shopping, browsing through social media or some other distraction?

It’s an unconscious pattern we all have to escape out of our own skin and to avoid the pain of the wound.

Tending to a wound takes time, to contemplate, to be with what arises and to venture into unknown mysteries..

It's the switch from being busy to being present. Still. Silent. Becoming empty and diving into the void of your inner terrain. This feels like going deep down the rabbit hole and then eventually landing in Wonderland. Leaving the rational structures of this world and entering a more mysterious and more fantastical realm.

As you learn to navigate through the pitfalls and hidden traps you will ultimately embark on a quest for Truth, exploring imagination & childlike curiosity. Discovering a fountain of wisdom and a treasure box with scintillating jewels. Here is the enchanted land.

From this place emerges your vision. Therein springs forth crystal clarity. From the void comes personal power.

If you don’t have a vision someone else will be telling you what your vision is. Like a victim of circumstance.

If you don’t have clarity you will be tossed around like a feather in the wind. Aimlessly drifting.

Without personal power you will ALWAYS be ruled.

But your true Nature is to be THE ruler of your life. You are creating YOUR magic kingdom/queendom. Your luscious garden of Eden.

Start today. Explore the places within that are unchartered. Go deep. And then even deeper…Miracles are abound and are here for you…

If you need support navigating this deep alchemical work please reach out at

With deep appreciation and love,



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