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Dear beautiful friend,

LA PURA VIDA is here for your when you open yourself to step out of the ordinary paradigm. There is the illusion of safety in this system which is masked as dependency. The unnatural has been normalized and the Natural has been demonized. Yes, this is pretty crazy. We truly live in an inverted reality.

The first requirement is recognizing this. Then snatch your power back and take empowered action steps aligned with out of the box thinking & living.

If your life isn’t the way you would like it to be then this simply means you haven’t stepped into your full power yet. You have not owned yet the magnitude of your God Nature.

Absolute foundational is embodying a clear vessel. Otherwise you cannot think independently and you easily become mislead.

A clear vessel is free from limitations and free from toxicity. Free from fear and free from control.

Living the free flow state. Feeling vibrant & awake. And simultaneously being rooted & anchored in. Fully turned on and fully connected to source.

Open yourself to learn how your body functions and how dis-ease is created. How to activate your innate self-healing mechanism. You are a thriving eco system of life.

You are a conscious being who is always at choice. No one else can choose for you unless you allow them to do so. Choose joy, love and purity as your natural state. Make it your default. When you make clear choices that are aligned with love then reality conforms itself to match your choices.

Your body is your vessel and THE HOUSE OF GOD that holds your unique light frequency. BE MINDFUL WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY.

Anything that doesn’t come from Nature does NOT belong in your body. If you have ever taking anything chemical whether a pill or an injection they will leave a residue in your body which eventually cause dis-ease and energetic disturbance within you. Now is the time to get these chemicals out of your system to avoid hormonal & emotional imbalances. And then to rebuild & regenerate yourself on a deep level back to the PURE YOU.

The purer your body, the higher is the amount of bliss & ecstasy you will be able to experience on a daily basis.

When you saturate yourself with sun-filled nutrition you are eating the rainbow light frequency and your song will be sweeter, your dance more playful, your painting more vibrant. You will LIFE LIVE AT THE LEVEL OF MIRACLES

Miracles arise to the capacity of what you are capable of holding in your vessel.

Everything in your external reality is an expression of your unique frequency. The purer your frequency the more profound the miracles.

Start today with a commitment to raise your frequency. Purify your vessel. Detox & Cleanse. Release obstructions. Clear blockages.

Breathe yourself open. Move & Shake. Free your body & mind. Liberate yourself from limitations.

Use fear as fuel. ALCHEMIZE. Activate your dormant powers.

Deepen into your truest essence. Expand into places you didn’t know exist.

Rejuvenate & Regenerate. Rebirth yourself.

Embrace your inner child. Become playful again. Filled with life force. Explore the sweet side of life.

Embark on the wondrous joy paradigm. LA PURE VIDA IS REAL.

John and I will show you how. Every step of this journey. We have done it ourselves. Together we bring 55 years of experience to the healing path. We will show you the shortcut so it doesn’t take you years of experimenting on yourself. There are solutions that work fast & effective to get you back to wholeness.

There are many different tools and modalities. We will give you EVERYTHING. With an open heart, in a loving container and in a community of like minded souls.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Life happens Now.


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