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Dear beloved Friend,

Radical Un-Raveling can happen when you learn to soften and experience life in your softness.

What is softening?

Softening is surrendering into what is. Being with it instead of resisting it. Allowing to open yourself into the experience instead of contracting to it.

Softening is about un-winding the mind. Un-learning. Un-becoming. Letting go of all that has made you heavy, tight and serious. Dissolving all identification. Until you get to the place of nothingness and total emptiness. Being an empty vessel, ALL of you arises, your I AM presence, and your Natural True Essence shines forth. THE SPARKLING OF YOUR RADIANCE.

Softening is relinquishing your story & your persona with all its conditionings. You are returning to your primordial nature and are then able to penetrate deep into the gnosis of God.

Softening will allow you to experience the depth of love. Luxuriating in the deep recesses of your heart where you will be transfixed forever.

Your life then becomes a ravishing revealing of exuberant effervescence cascading from every cell of your being.


You are reclaiming your true Self. As a Self-Actualized being. A soft scintillating You.

In your sweet tender softness lies all your power.

It all starts with making a decision to take your power back.

We all have been giving it away to external sources & authorities and we all have been influenced by their dream spell. Conditioning goes deep.

No more. Enough is enough. You are the authority. You are the royalty.

If you are ready to take on this journey of reclaiming your soft & at the same time Fierce Royal Nature then join me. I have created several offerings that will support you on your path. See flyers below.

With deep gratitude and appreciation,



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