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Dear beautiful friend,

As we are in the eye of the storm and moving into tumultuous terrain, I invite you to take the time to go within.  And to find the center point inside.  This is the time to find clarity within, amidst the old world which is dying

Are you living at the depth of life or on the surface?

When you live from the depth you are a lover of life.  In love with life. Making love to life. Loving voluptuously.

No matter what is happening outside of you.

When you live from the depth of life your vision is wide and large. You understand the limitlessness of everything. You show up in the resonance of what you want to experience. You let go of needing to control outcomes.

You honor each moment in life and all that it teaches you.

You are an eternal student of the universe.

Living from the depth creates expansion and hyper awareness.

It’s like living from the galactic womb. Allowing space for new life.

Melting deeply  into your embodiment. Trusting the creation process and holding gracious space for divine miracles to unfold.

However when you live life on the surface, you experience everything on a superficial level. You adapt to current situations as “normal” and believe there’s nothing you can do about it. You are often indecisive and you easily follow along with the status quo. This de-sensitizes you from the abundance, beauty & magic that is all around you and available for you.

Please evaluate for yourself where you stand.

Where can you receive more?

Where can you be more aligned with your deepest embodiment.

What are you currently allowing that is not of your highest?

While the storm out there is becoming more intense this is the time  to open yourself to a place of stillness. Become intimate with the divine. Play from the high heart. Become an original thinker.


Deepen into that all is good. All is well.

Your reality will shift when you resonate in the frequency of groundedness.

Return to yourself. This is a Homecoming. It’s the journey into your high heart.

Remember, You are infinitely loved,



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