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Dear beautiful being,

As it gets crazier and more intense each day, I invite you to stay grounded, collected and hold the still point.

When you sit in your still point, you are not affected by what is happening around you. Instead you can access your divine intuition and hold the space for others.

The Veils of the world are more open. In fact, they have never been more open than NOW.

The frequency of the Earth is higher than ever. The Schumann frequency has risen from 7.8 hz to 13hz which is almost double.

More light is currently being held. That is because so much darkness has been revealed in 2020 which has awoken many people.

As an awakened being you are responsible to hold the light. The more light is being held, the easier it is for others to see clearly.

To see means not to see with your eyes, but to see with your heart.

When you see with your heart you see beyond the 3D realm.

When you see with your heart you trust in the light. You know you are in control. You are in the driver seat. You are the director of your movie.

Whatever is going on in the world, whether it’s a psychological operation, a civil war or election fraud, you stay vigilant and are not fooled by the dark forces.

It’s all one big show with one agenda in mind: Fear, fear and more fear.

When you are in fear you can very easily be controlled. And when you are controlled you cannot access critical thinking but instead are easily programmed.

When you are in fear you become confused. This creates panic and chaos.

Fear creates massive division and currently we are more divided than ever.

This is very sad. I myself have experienced attacks and gas lighting from others, simply for being a stand for Freedom.

The simple Truth is: We are all ONE. Always have been and always will be. We all want to share love and we are all longing for deep meaningful connections.

We just so often forget our purpose and how powerful we are as individuals, and even more powerful as a collective. We are powerful beyond we can even imagine.

Fear divides. Love unites. Fear creates judgment. Love creates understanding.

(I choose to use the word “innerstanding” instead of "understanding" :)

I am standing for pure Truth as a warrior of radical light.

What are you standing for?

I invite you to tune within and deeply listen from your still point.

What resonates?

Maybe you are a stand for world peace? A stand for divine love?

A stand for the healing and transformation? A stand for unity?

Hear the signal, you are being called forth…

You are needed at this crucial moment in history.

With love,



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