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My dear beloved friend,

There is no way to heaven unless you have walked through hell.

We all have unacknowledged darkness within us. To be liberated from it we must make this darkness conscious because only by bringing it to the light can it be transmuted.

We all have blindspots. But you cannot see your own blindspots. It takes someone outside of you to ask you the right questions so the blindspots can be revealed. Only then can your blindspots be alchemized and shifted.

We all have triggers. When you learn to embrace your triggers as treasures, then you will see the lessons in all challenges. A trigger is pointing out to a wound within you, which can to be looked at from a place of acceptance & unconditional love. From this new perspective then ANY wound can be healed.

If you are not willing to face your darkness, your blindspots and your triggers then they will unconsciously rule your life. Hence you live at the effect of your circumstances and are not living life fully, at choice and in your power.

THE DEEP SHADOW WORK is what we are ALL being called to do in this lifetime, if we truly desire to be free. We all are being called, but few are choosing to follow the call…

…because your wounded self wants to avoid it, coming up with all kinds of unconscious resistance, excuses and justifications to distract you from doing this deep work. It is much easier to project your anger, fear and pain outside of you instead of diving into the descent of the depth of your being. That means facing your inner demons. Feeling the pain. Looking at your fears, FEELING IT ALL FULLY, without wallowing in it.

This deep inner work requires the attitude of a warrior. It takes courage, willpower, deep commitment and being 100 % responsible. There are no shortcuts nor spiritual bypassing. And yes, it can feel like being in hell at first. In Hell you will find the staircase to heaven.

If this works calls you then schedule a free discovery call here:

If you think you don’t have darkness within then you are deluding yourself. That alone is an unconscious trauma response. Hiding and denying. Feeling comfortable is a state of illusion. There is no expansion in comfortability. It is a trap. Stagnation leads to silent suffering and a life of quiet desperation.

But if you open your mind and are willing to look at yourself in your most fragmented Self then you will awaken to the fact that most of “your” thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and needs, are actually not "your own" but have been conditioned onto you from external sources. Yes! The brainwashing runs deep. The matrix is not a movie, it has unfolding on the world stage for centuries.

The personality that you identify with consists of programs, memories, wounds and experiences that you accumulated over your lifetime and are deeply embedded in your being. Heavily influenced by the collective field. Parents, society, media etc...

The deep inner work is about un-tangling and un-layering ALL of this. Dis-Identifying. Un-learning. Releasing & Rewiring. It requires making the unconscious conscious. Letting go of all this is mechanical and artificial.

Becoming naked, real and raw. Radical honesty & vulnerability. Re-connecting to source and to the Mother. Trusting the self-healing mechanism of your body/mind temple. Fully tuning into the Natural Rhythm of life. Getting back to simplicity.

If you truly want to be free and life live from your choice, fully embodied in authenticity & anchored into Natural Self, then explore the Deep Shadow work. I have immersed myself into this work for many years now after freeing myself from much self inflicted sufferings & delusions. I continue to do this work each day and have worked with clients all over the planet who had massive breakthroughs transforming multiple layers of their being. It teaches you to own your sacred sovereignty and become the ultimate ruler of your life. INVINCIBLE. INDOMITABLE. IN-LUMINOUS.

Ready to explore? Just reach out here:

Sending illuminations of blessings,



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