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Dear beautiful being,

Something truly miraculous happens when people unite for a common challenge. Transformation is SUPER AMPLIFIED and creates a ripple effect.

Last week I facilitated a 5 day Fasting Challenge with a group of 10 beautiful souls. While each one was going through their individual challenges we all had one common goal. It was such a beautiful & profound process and my heart is full with gratitude. We were mirroring each other, inspiring each other, holding each other accountable and sharing our most vulnerable emotions.

Everyone had a breakthroughs whether is was on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

When we commit to transformation we then have the opportunity to let go of what is blocking us so we can go deeper. Challenges show up because they have been holding us back so far and now they reveal themselves for us to look at. And then to alchemize them and hence clear the way.

When your path is clearer you can then align deeper with the truth that wants to move through you.

This group challenge presented so many wonderful lessons:

- The knowingness that we are not alone in this.

- The commitment to show up.

- Cultivating discipline.

- Patience with the process.

- Love & compassion for Self and for others .

When we move through challenges in a group setting we develop powerful leadership skills.

I am not speaking about Leadership that is based on dominating or controlling but rather a leadership that listens, feels and is open for responses for new possibilities.

True heart-centered leadership is about leading from within, not leading over.

It is instinctual, trusting in the unknown and opening to what needs to emerge.

A heart-centered leader is courageous, willing to face one’s darkness and open to listen to the messages that it contains.

An authentic heart-centered leader can sit with what’s uncomfortable and be with it ALL. She/He leads by NOT knowing but rather tunes into the Now and to what is unfolding in each moment. Letting it happen organically. Surrendering to Nature’s divine process.

So this is an invitation for you to deepen your true unique leadership skills.

You can sharpen and refine these skills through Fasting, Shadow Work, Breath Work, High Vibe Diet and various other deep spiritual works.

Choose what calls you and focus on it.

The powerful leader within you is being called right now. WHATEVER LIFE HAS TRAINED YOU AT IS NEEDED at this very moment.

With so much love,



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