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Dear Beloveds,

In life there are “good things” happening to us and then there are lessons.

There are no “bad” things.

This is an empowered perspective that I have learnt many years ago and cultivated over time.

Every day we receive valuable lessons but often we miss the messages that are contained within the lesson.

Last week I was in a car accident. Head-on collision at high speed.

It was very traumatic and could have ended up in a tragedy. However we were all blessed.

Most of all it taught me a simple yet profound lesson: It’s all about presence.

The person who was driving the car was not present and distracted with electronics.

Afterwards I spent an entire day without electronics in Mother Nature. Deeply tuning within the true essence of my soul, and simultaneously being hyper aware of everything that was happening all around me.

Profound wisdom was downloaded onto me. Sublime Beauty was unfolding before my eyes that was beyond mesmerizing. Mother Nature’s landscape was enveloped in majestic golden colors revealing magic in its most enchanted form. Every moment was unique as the light kept changing and influencing the nuances and textures of the landscape and sky. Many animals showed up to commune with me. Birds, Butterflies, Bees, Deer and a white cat.

I was in a state of divine bliss. Within myself and at total oneness with the universe.

When we are not present we miss the beauty and the magic. We miss bountiful opportunities that are available to us. And we miss true meaningful connections with life and with others.

Presence is the key to our inner kingdom/queendom. It is the key to the mysteries of life.

When we are present we can access deeper realms and higher dimensions. We can transcend the 3-dimensional world.

Being present is essential for emotional self-mastery.

And this is directly linked to our current situation.

Sadly, the majority of humanity is not present to what has truly been unfolding over the past few months. They are being stuck in a certain narrative that has been concocted and broadcasted by the architects of the dark agenda.

The ones who are choosing not to partake in the story, are the ones who can see it for what it is:

A well orchestrated giant theatrical production. Only when you recognize this, step outside the emotional attachment of the “show” and then own your sovereignty, will you be able to receive the lessons.

We are being catalyzed into a massive global initiation. Everything is shaken up and rearranged. On a collective level and also individual level.

And yes, it is like a head-on collision. Many souls are being traumatized as the impact has been deep and so intense.

The lessons that this initiation/impact offers is that it teaches you exactly what you most need to learn.It shows you whatever you have not yet mastered. It reveals your blindspots and wounds.

It amplifies everything that you have resisted, denied, hidden or simply not given attention to.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

Who do you listen to? Which channels are you tuning into?

What thoughts are entertaining your mind?

Are you sitting each day in stillness and solitude?

Are you tuning deeply into Mother Nature?

Are you aware of your lessons and the guidance that they offer for you?

And then, which action steps are you taking?

If these are challenging terrains to navigate for you, I am here offering coaching sessions by donation. You may book a call here:

With so much love,



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