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Dear beautiful friend,

As I am writing this I am in a deep dive immersion in the rainforest of Costa Rica, Iiving la pura vida. Very blessed for the experience at Tanglewood Wellness Center where they grow more than 200 varieties of exotic fruits on over 60 acres of sacred land. How wonderful to pick your breakfast straight from the tree.

The beauty here is beyond breathtaking. The rainforest is pulsing with vibrant energy of profoundly intoxicating sounds, scents & visuals. The magic is palpable and elevate the spirit in a most profound way. Bliss frequency at an all time high…

Into the jungle I go... to release the mundane and bask in the enchanted world. Tuning into the mysteries of the plants, flowers and wildlife that is unique to the tropics. There is so much to see, so much to learn, so much wonderment. It can take your breath away... Every walk becomes an adventure. Every sound is music. All that opens up is pure medicine. Medicine for the soul...

When you tune into this frequency then the trees, plants & flowers will speak to you. You are being infused with poetry and love flows freely and abundantly.

Tanglewood is the perfect place to interrupt any old patterns and create a new foundation for a more authentic, more evolved and more pure YOU.

If you continue to tell your old story you will continue to project a limited self into the future. Hence nothing ever changes.... But when you unravel all the layers and release the blockages in a pure paradise that holds gracious space for this to unfold naturally, then you can reconnect to your true essence (which islove & abundance). Deeply aligned and resonating at your true Self. A shift happens within you which will then cause a ripple effect all around you.

Anything is possible from such a space...

If you like to experience this & more with a pure lifestyle on raw living foods & high fruitarian diet and additionally learn about Natural Healing & Fasting & Self- Empowerment for the deep Embodiment of your Unique Divine Blueprint, then join me this Winter in Costa Rica for “Return to Wholeness Retreat”.

Dates and further details will follow soon.

With love,



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