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My beloved friend,

I am wishing you a soul-full, bliss-filled and heart-aflamed 2022 and may you be divinely guided towards the unfolding of your majestic dreamings.

There is nothing more powerful than a soul that is ignited and lit up from within. A flame that is burning brightly can unleash a wildfire. You build so much light around you that it shatters all illusion and limitations.

Are you ready to set this world on fire…with your passion, with your gift and with your luminous presence?

The times of being in the dark cocoon are over. It has served you well but now is the moment to release yourself. Open your wings. Spread them wide exuding your most majestic colors. You are ready for take off. To fly high into the big blue sky. There is everything to see and everywhere to go…

The only thing that is holding you back right now are your own self imposed limitations

& a weak foundation.

Sounds provocative but yes, I have seen this over and over again in my life.

Our light has been dimmed by society, media, religion, education systems, people around us etc. But we are powerful beyond measure.

ALL limitations can be transmuted. It starts with a shift in perspective and building a strong foundation with key tools. A FOUNDATION OF FORTITUDE.


EMOTIONAL MASTERY is the one of the tools for creating fortitude.

Moving from Reaction to Re-Evolution to Rebirth.

Your raw emotions rule your life unless you become radically conscious. Pure Presence in all moments. The observer of your life. Witnessing on a subtle level ALL moments unfolding in each moment in time.

Your reaction is a response to a stimulus. It’s a default mechanism from your subconscious wiring. Fear controls all emotional patterns at an unconscious level.

When you become super-conscious you no longer react but you CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND. You are at choice. You choose then from a heart space, from an evolved space. You are no longer being passive and running on auto-pilot.

When you make new choices you are experiencing yourself in a new way. You are creating a new version of yourself. You are rebirthing The New You.

You, in your power. You, as free being of choice. You, as an expression of love.

SOUL EMBODIMENT is another key element for Fortitude.

Everyone has a soul mission in their lives. You are not here to live in mediocrity. Nor are you here to follow along what the majority is doing. It is time to allow yourself to live your extraordinary soul purpose.

It takes moving out of your comfort zone. Sharing your precious gift. Expressing yourself with all your colors, having your voice heard, your beauty seen and your presence felt. Being witnessed and received. Saying a bold YES to your you-niqueness and a firm NO to everything that is not aligned with the highest light.

Being Authentic, Raw & Real. Down to earth. Embodied in your SuperNature.

Once you unlock your soul purpose and step fully into it, the game changes. Life shifts. Opportunities open up. You will experience deep fulfillment beyond words can describe.

You are enveloped in ferocious Fortitude.

CLEANSING is foundational Fortitude.

Juicing and Fasting will allow you to release dense energies and obstructions in your system. You will let go of what is stagnant and toxic. You will dissolve limitations and old patterns that no longer serve you. You will become more flexible, more fluid and be able to tune into the holy flow. Flowing through each moment in a dance of cosmic consciousness. Feeling fortified.


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