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Dear precious being,

We were all born to play in the bold and grand creative landscape. However so often we get side tracked in a world of overstimulation. So many narratives out there. So many actors playing their parts. So many channels to tune into. It is very easy to get sucked into the whirlpool.

Take a deep breath and know, your power lies in dis-identifying from the world stage.

What this planet needs right now is people who are grounded, anchored in wholeness, and can think independently.

We need those who are balanced and focused on vibrant health.

We need beings who have perseverance, resilience and cultivate an empowered mindset.

We need the ones who are on fire and not afraid leaping into the unknown.

What serves this planet most right now is anyone who is filled with life force and ready to step into boundless service mode.

Your life force is your most precious commodity. It is your deepest essence that is longing to flourish into its infinite expression.

You are either of service to self or service to others.

Service to others is about Unity and dissolving into One Light. Service to self causes loneliness and separation.

A person who is sick, tired, anxious or depressed is in constant survival mode and has limited capability to be in service mode. Most of their life force is absorbed by their own needs and just making it through their day.

However when you cultivate & sustain your life force you can take exponential leaps and rise into a magnified version of yourself. Hence you can be your grandest contribution to others and the planet. As a guiding light, a helping hand and a heart centered leader for the New Earth.

It starts with your body.

When you purify your body you bring it back to its natural alignment. Then everything falls back into place. It’s like homecoming. Returning to yourself in your most authentic Self.

Your body is the vessel where source flows through.

Simultaneously it creates a shift in consciousness. You shift from victim consciousness to being a radiant trailblazer.

As you unclog, un-layer and unveil in sweet surrender you will get a taste of what it feels like embarking on the voyage of a lifetime.

You become a true visionary and fully embodied in your purpose as you accelerate to the heights and depths of soul fulfillment.

There is always more life force to flourish into…

Sending an ocean of love from my heart to yours,



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