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Dear beautiful friend,

Let’s talk about freedom. Right now it feels that so much of our freedom has been taken away from us. And yes, that is correct when you look around what is happening in the world.

However, true freedom starts within.

And this is rooted in the ancient scriptures and the wisdom of Socrates: KNOW THYSELF.

Know Thyself in the deepest essence of your being. Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, knowing your darkness and your light, knowing what triggers you and what lights you up, and also knowing your soul purpose on this planet which is your unique sacred gift that you came here to embody and then share it with others.

This is the process of Self Actualization.

It also entails a deep knowingness that you are "Divinity Embodied" and you are so precious beyond any words can describe.

Only when you deeply know yourself on a most intimate level, can you truly be free.

A free soul can never be enslaved, no matter what is happening all around you.

A free soul knows that you are always free, until you believe not to be.

One more time to let it sink deeply: YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE, UNTIL YOU BELIEVE NOT TO BE!

A free soul has the responsibility to speak up, stand up and rise up for freedom, no matter how tough the situation may be.

This is not always comfortable and so often means to go against the status quo.

It means holding the flame of light in a dark reality.

Anchoring pure Truth in a world of fiction.

Being a fierce carrier of love amidst a frequency of fear.

Are you feeling free in your heart? Or you are feeling restricted?

Is the restriction happening in your mind, coming from fear?

Is there a deep seated pattern, a belief system, a disempowered way of being?

Please know that any restriction is an invitation for expansion. It is a crossroad where you are challenged to let go and step into the possibility of a new state of being.

This is the path of liberation.

When you are free in your heart you are emanating a huge pulsating wave from your being.

This wave creates a ripple effect of fearlessness, limitlessness and tender fierceness.

Let freedom ring in whatever way resonates for you.

Roar like a lion.

Burst from your flames.

Light up the earth & the sky.

With fierce love,



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