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Greetings precious One,

You are here on this Earth plane for one purpose. Love.

To share love. To receive love.To be the embodiment of love.

A vessel for emanating love. In a constant state of overflow.

Like a mirror reflecting love onto everyone you encounter and then back to you.

Being in a biodynamic feedback loop with the universe.

In such a state, all there is is heart to heart connection.

Pure love flow between two or more people.

A ravishing romance.

No expectations. No filters. No agendas.

Just pure exchange of pristine love frequencies.

Any conversation becomes like a sublime dance.

Any encounter will be a breeding ground for curiosity & creation.

A weaving of energies.

A flowering of possibilities.

A sacred container where miracles are crystallizing.

In devotional honor for your heart.

There is no limit to the extent your heart can expand.

And no limit to the amount of love that can pour into you.

So open yourself to the boundless flow and allow yourself to be filled up.

It starts by loving yourself on such a deep intimate level as the divine loves you.

Divine love resides in the deep recesses of our heart. It is the primordial flame of your being.

When your inner flame is burning ecstatically then your are flowing through life in a state of creative dynamism and voluptuousplay.

Maybe you have experienced glimpses of this. But maybe you are experiencing just the opposite that life is a constant struggle. Full of obstacles and setbacks.

Wherever you are is always perfect. First step is recognizing & then accepting where you are now, without making it wrong. You are here in this moment in time because of your choices in the past.

You always have the choice to choose differently and make more empowered choices going forward. But you can’t get to where you would like to be, unless you accept where you are now. Law of Nature!! Wishing and hoping it would be different takes you out of the NOW. It interrupts the flow.

Start today by loving yourself more than you ever did before. Devote yourself to this path and honor every step of the unfolding.

Becoming very clear on your vision going forward and taking aligned action steps.

Releasing everything that is not in alignment with divine love. Spreading love wherever you go, generously & abundantly. Surrounding yourself with beauty. Nourishing yourself with divine nutrition and loving relationships. Laughing often and loud. Starting your day with gratitude. Expressing your creativity as a Heartist. Sharing your precious gifts far and wide. This is just the beginning...

For accelerated results practice this in a community with others on the same path. In a Love container. Here you are witnessed, held and received. You can still join us this weekend for a group immersion to activate the free flow of love & abundance. We offer discounted rates for camping in the garden. Details click here:

Sending you an avalanche of divine love,



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