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🔥 Fierce Liberation is here for you 💥 Yes, my dear friend, it truly is if you so choose. It starts by reclaiming it through the liberation of your body mind temple. With a liberated body you are filled with light, vitality and vibrancy, completely disease-free and pain-free. You are riding the waves of wellbeing and joy. With a liberated mind you are creative, resourceful, intuitive and super inspired in each moment. Life is your playground. You are tuned into infinite possibilities and are a magician in manifesting your dreams. As a liberated being you are a heart centered leader serving this planet with your intuitive gifts, instinctual wisdom, psychic awareness, and through empathic and telepathic communication. Is this resonating? Then join me on a 5 day Juicing/Fasting challenge to flow into the NEW Liberated YOU. When you purify your temple on a cellular level, bliss begins to unfold in ways you could not have imagined. Everything in your body corrects itself and returns to its natural state. All your system are being upgraded and fine tuned. Your mind is being sharpened and your consciousness refined and heightened. You are harmonizing yourself with Nature and aligning with the Divine. Health is Wealth. When your cells are functioning optimally you are vibrating abundance. You become a magnet for whatever you are choosing to create. The golden key to true liberation is Cellular Purification. From there everything else unfolds… Here is my gift for you and it's absolutely free: - You can join for the entire 5 day deep dive (medium to advanced level) - or just for a 3 day fruit juice cleanse (beginners to medium level) - or just for 1 day to explore what’s possible I will be available each day on a live zoom call for questions and support. For 25 years I have been practicing Fasting & Juice Cleansing and made many mistakes along the ways but also have been learning so much as I continue to go deeper each month. I have healed from Lyme's disease, a knee injury and many other diseases from childhood. There's a reason it's called FAST as nothing works FASTER for healing & liberation. It is the true fountain of youthfulness & vitality. You may register here: Sending love and bliss your way, Sabina


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