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My dear beautiful friend,

I am curious to know what lusciously luxuriating yourself means for you? What is true Luxury?

For me, true luxury is being deeply connected to Nature, being immersed in pristine beauty and feeding myself with the purest that Mother Nature offers. Drinking from the nectar of sweet divine love. Overflowing in ever blooming joy and ever unfolding abundance.

True luxury has nothing to do with objects, it’s not an external thing that we need to get in order to feel luxurious. I know this so well. I spent two decades of my life chasing shiny objects, social status and the next relationship, hoping to find luxury & fulfillment, but only ending up in suffering & emptiness.

Until one day I let go of ALL concepts and developed a deep relationship with Myself. Looking at all the aspects of myself, with all the darkness, all the patterns, all self-imposed limitations, all fears, all pain and feeling ALL of it,with the knowingness that ANYTHING can be transmuted. AND IF IT IS TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME. And there is no by-passing, no covering up nor denying any longer.

And then falling deeply and madly in love with the Beloved. Not someone out there. But the Beloved within myself. Unveiling the unique spark that we all have embedded within. Bringing forth the exquisite beauty that is longing to be expressed and lived fully. Basking in the glory that life offers when you deeply honor and value your Sacred Sovereign Self. That is the beginning of living a luxurious life as you will always be in a state of "Overflow".

Your power is only limited by the way you see yourself.

Read this again.

When you make your life a ravishing romance and a continuous love offering to the Beloved within, you will begin to see shifts beyond your wildest imagination.

Your gifts will begin to bloom and blossom out of your inner radiance.

The world will become your playground as you magnetically create your divine destiny.

The foundation is the purification of the body/mind temple. It is absolute key. I can’t emphasize this enough.

When your body is filled with obstructions & toxicity and your mind is cluttered with thoughts & concerns and your electromagnetic field is blocked with dense energies then you will not be able to tune into the subtler frequencies of life. It is in these subtle energy realms & deeper dimensions where all answers lie, all miracles unfold and all pain can be transformed in everlasting joy.

Please know this is not an overnight process nor is there such thing as a quick fix. It’s constant and continuous deepening and embodying of a higher version of ALL you can be in this moment of NOW.

You can create a huge shift for yourself with a monthly 3 day juice cleanse that I will continue to offer. It’s donation based and you can join from anywhere in the world. (see flyer below)

Sending you divine blessings,



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