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Greetings Luminous Being, Imagine there is a space where you can unfold into your primordial power to the full spectrum of your brilliance? And open up to profound revelatory experiences. Immersed in a majestic place of Mother Nature where you are receiving her medicine and are being re-coded. You are witnessed & held in a loving community so replenishing wellness can flow through you, as you open the floodgates to the sweetness of pure love. We have curated this sacred loving container just for you. A treasure box filled with intuitive wisdom, profound activations, and empowering perspectives. A vortex of heart-centered luminaries. A Culinary Chef of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine. A Master Sound Healer & Transmitter of pristine frequencies. A Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork & Kirtan Gate Keeper that will hold space for you to release your energetic blocks. A multi-faceted Explorer of Liberation from ALL limitation, with an arsenal of tools for your unique liberation. It is our devotion and deepest commitment that you are fully supported & elevated in your highest expansion so you can receive the beauty & bliss that is available to pour into you. You will activate your potential to thrive gracefully in ALL areas of your life as a deliberate creator. You will leave this retreat shining your light boldly & courageously. As an empowered awakened being ready to make a difference on our beautiful planet. ALL DETAILS & special discount for locals & helpers click here: Sending you the richest sweetest love, Sabina


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