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Dear beautiful friend, Let me invite you for a moment into the view from my bedroom. On most days I witness the sunrise over the mountains and then in the late afternoon the sunset over the river. These are the highlights of my day anchoring in all the elemental magic and expressing deepest gratitude for such sublime glory. I have devoted my life to beauty, joy and magic. No matter what is happening in the world. What are you called to devote yourself to? What makes your heart sing? Devotion is the circuitry of love. It is the never ending cycle of freely giving and abundantly receiving. Opening and surrendering. Expanding and softening. When you devote yourself to something, you then become a vessel for this with a resonating frequency. You are releasing encoded light. The world then becomes brightened and enlightened by your frequency. Devotion creates intimacy and play. It moves you into the holy flow. When you are in the flow you are experiencing yourself as Infinite being. You open yourself to the magic and miracles that life offers for you. You unlock your vibrant pristine life force. As we are moving into the longest darkness of this year culminating on Dec 21, this is also the time where unresolved issues are coming into your field. This is the time to be still, to go within and to navigate your internal landscape. I invite you to dig deep and to use these long dark nights to look where in your life is discord. What is interrupting your flow? Everything that is not coming from love & compassion is simply an inversion of love. When the space of love is not held pristinely, then this invites parasitic frequencies to nest. This disturbs the flow. The process of reframing is very powerful. Looking at a situation and putting a different frame around it. A more empowering perspective. From a more empowering perspective and from a space of love, you can then own your wholeness and divinity. Perspective is everything. And then to accept your newly empowered reality as the Truth within you. Let your life be a celebration. Let all darkness be a vessel for transmutation for victorious light. Let sumptuous love flow through you freely. It's your birthright and it's here for you. I celebrate you for staying curious and always open for more. With love and devotion, Sabina


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