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Good morning beloved being,

My heart is so full after curating two super-fueled healing circles and the highlight of both was ecstatic dance. I’d like to you invite you into the experience as it is deeply nourishing and so liberating.

LETTING GO STARTS IN THE BODY. We store emotions in our tissues.

When we move the body we release and we still the mind.

We break free from illusion. We move from self-imposed limitations and isolation into new depths of creativity and authentic connection.

When you dance in your fullness

Spirit moves freely.

You let the holy flow guide you and move through you.

Not holding back from the golden experiences that life offers to you.

You recognize your fluid nature.

Ecstatic dance allows you to express ALL of YOU.

Your aggression and vulnerability.

Emotions and anxieties.

Edges and ecstasies.

Sadness and joy.

Sensuality and fierceness.

Your feelings shake loose and you get real.

Unraveling your raw authentic nature.

The healer, the rebel, the explorer, the warrior, the God/Goddess, they are all within you.

Longing to be lived fully. Enraptured and enlivened.

The movement becomes the medicine.

You are freeing your mind from its chatter and your body from tightness and ultimately cascading yourself into waves of boundless magnetism.

By totally releasing, letting go and fully surrendering you open yourself to receive while you move into the unknown, not being afraid what is on the other side.

Ecstatic dance is about breaking out, breaking through and breaking free.

Breaking out of your contraction, out of limitation, and then breaking through resistance into the ocean of infinity.

You are loosing yourself through the dance and at the same time you rediscover yourself again as you ultimately dissolve into the resonance of stillness.

Come and join me for the real experience, we have two more Sacred Circles coming up in February. Details follow soon.

Looking forward to be in your divine presence,




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