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Dear beautiful being,

Open yourself for what’s coming: We are all going through a massive collective detox.

This can be very challenging for many of us. After detoxing my body for 25+ years I have learnt quite a few profound lessons.

No 1: Detoxing will make you first feel worse before you feel better.

No. 2 Detoxing is absolutely necessary as over time too much toxicity accumulates within us that will prevent us from “seeing clearly” and being empowered in ALL circumstances.

No 3: Detoxing is shocking us out of our lethargic indifference.

When you detox, then everything that has been “swept under the rug” will be exposed. Because it has become so putrid and the pile too huge to be hidden anymore. The rug must now being lifted so all is in plain sight for the "clean-up"

While there is no doubt any longer that this happening on the “world stage” so it is happening also within us, in our individual lives.

We have reached the culmination phase.

Culmination comes from the latin word culminare which means ‘to crown” and is the process of something rising towards a peak.

We are reaching the climax.

Ask yourself: where have you been sweeping things under the rug?

It’s easy to see it in others around you but often difficult to see in yourself. Simply look at the closest people in your life. Your outside world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

A great alchemical principle: As above so below. As with in so with out.

If you like to go deeper do the following exercises:

From 1-10 where are you in each area?

Health? Family? Finances? Relationships? Purpose? Life force? Joy?

Any area that is less than 10 needs work. Below 5 needs major work and is a red flag that urges to be addressed ASAP.

In which area of your life do you know you need to make changes but are not doing it?

What is holding you back? What are your excuses?

Where are you postponing?

Where are you out of integrity with your values?

Where are you blaming someone or something?

Exercise 2: Look into the mirror and ask yourself “How are you really? Listen what comes up. Be radically honest with yourself.

This is about telling the truth to yourself.

When you hear truth you know it. It resonates.

Radical vulnerability disguises nothing.

The truth can be painful. Therefore you must hold the space with the container of love.

Love is the alchemical elixir. It transforms all things.

Truth cuts like a sword through the noise.

There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Wherever you go, there you are.

By asking yourself these questions you are being called to come into your deeper Truth. When you are in your deeper truth, then you own your power hence you show up more fully.

This is the deep Shadow work. The ultimate alchemical process. We take the shadowy part of our consciousness and transmute it into the gold of our purest essence. From a pristine place of divine love.

There is no more potent time than NOW to do this deeply transformational work. We are in the culmination phase. With the solar eclipse, the new moon and the solstice coming up and then entering the Age of Aquarius, this is a profoundly powerful portal to release your past and then climax into your radiant I AM presence.

If you need support with this deep alchemical process, I am still available for coaching by donation. You may schedule a call here:

Sending so much love,



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