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Nobody has ever healed another person. Healing always emerges from within.

It’s the remembrance of your original structure, not something new.

Yes, my dear friend, this is quite a profound Truth.

There has never been a greater moment in time where people are awakening, stepping into remembrance and rising up in their original Self. At the same time there are still so many who feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening on the world stage. Where are you at this pivotal moment?

These immense shifts are hard for those who have not done the deep internal work and built a strong foundation. What this world needs right now are light warriors who are fully integrated in body/mind/spirit and in alignment with their authentic Original Self. Bold & courageous. Fully trusting and owning their innate powers.

It takes courage to express your full potential and to be bold to step out of the box.

It requires weaving together the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, based on a wholistic approach. Using ancient and nature based tools that will guide you to embody your soul purpose so you can bring your most precious gifts to this world.

As a leader. As a role model. As an inspirational catalyst.

The foundation is: Pure body. Clear mind. Open heart. Aligned to spirit.

Tuned in. Turned on. Ready to rise.

Yes, you can become the master of your life.

A deliberator creator and your own healer. Courageous, bold & original.

John and I have created a unique 10 day container for just that. We each have spent more than 20 years experimenting on ourselves and studying with great masters to learn what is most efficient to create profound transformational shifts in ALL areas.

This is NOT just another cleanse.

This is NOT a traditional self help program.

It contains these elements and much much more…

Together we will go deep to reveal your blindspots. Please know you cannot see your own blindspots. It requires someone outside of you that has the training & experience to support you in uncovering your unique blindspots.

We will use tools in a group setting that will help you to excavate what has been buried since childhood, stored in your subconscious and has been blocking you from living fully & deeply.

Group setting are extremely powerful since others will reflect back to you what is hidden within you and so often is ruling your life. Remember we are all mirrors for each other. Healing is amplified & magnified within a group.

All it takes from you is Self-responsibility and the commitment to show up fully and to open yourself for more…

If you are hearing the call to step up into your true original Self, this workshop is for you.

You will break through limitations of unhealthy pattern & limiting beliefs that have disempowered you through society, family, doctors etc. that have kept you small & dependent on a system that is NOT in our best interest and enabling you.

Now it’s up to you to take your power back and to let go of food addictions, dependency on a system, people pleasing and playing small.

We all have been indoctrinated and hence forgot about our innate healing capabilities. There is so much more available for you than what you currently think is possible. TRUTH!

Reclaim your inner healer, step into vitality and own your authentic power and re-learn to see the world through the lense of beauty. With a sense of joy, ease and new-found freedom.


Become tuned into to your body and learn to listen to her messages.

No need for a doctor again when you learn the natural tools of Mother Nature.

Inner-stand how the body functions, how disease is created and how you can heal from ANYTHING.

Live life from your soul purpose and become a true manifestor of your dreams.

Learn to use your emotions as powerful tools for creation.

Transmute your shadow, triggers & blind spots into your greatest power.

Connect to like-minded beings and be held in a container of love, authentic connection and accountability.

Return to your Natural State, which is Wholeness, Inner Peace, Joy, Abundance and Divine Love. You have simply disconnected from source and now it is time to return to your true essence.


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