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Dear beautiful friend,

Spring is around the corner and there is no better time to re- code yourself

We all have been divinely coded by the creator so we can truly live our heart's desires. Sadly, from an early age on we were overlaid by other codes, especially the codes that come from fear & limitations. These codes are deeply embedded in the collective field and are broadcasted non-stop through the media, the education system, the medical system and the other systems that are part of this matrix.

You forgot that you are in charge of your own coding.

Start today and re-code yourself to your original Self. Release the overlay.

Remember, you can download anything your heart is calling for.

In fact, it is already downloaded within you and you simply have to remember to access it.

25 years ago I got rid of my TV and radio. I stopped going to doctors and listening to people with titles & authority. I practiced un-learning and re-coding.

I trusted "the kingdom of God is within"

That was the best decision I ever made.

Life has never been the same. I don't even recognize the person I used to be.

And I continue to re-code myself. There is always more available in the grand web of miraculous creation.

I invite you to see your body as a biocomputer. You can erase old programs and you download & access new empowered programs. You can upgrade and reset.

Your body is a miracle. It can heal from ANYTHING. Any illness is simply a detoxification response of the body.

Your body is your temple. When you see it as "holy" then you tune into the sacredness of life. You only allow what comes from love & purity to enter your temple. Hence you return to your original authentic Self and your true exquisite essence shines through.

Ask yourself: What are you feeding your body? How are you treating your body? What thoughts are you dwelling on? Which energies are you exposing yourself? Who do you listen to? How do you see yourself?

Everything that shows up in your life is a reflection of the codes that are running in your system. Your emanation creates your reality. Your thoughts/feelings/energy. It is your own inner coding that sends out a a frequency which then manifests that which shows up in your life.

So it all starts with you choosing what you allow to enter your temple.

Choose wisely. Choose only the highest. Choose from your heart.

Join me for for the March Spring Cleanse to lay a solid foundation. Release what is dense and not in alignment with the highest light.

Re-code divinity and make it your default.

Then watch what happens...

With love, Sabina


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