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Dear beautiful being, Did you ever feel like you are swimming upstream in a swamp? That’s what happens when you have deep patterns of self-sabotaging. You never get anywhere and nothing ever changes. In fact, it feels like drowning. These patterns are like coding in our operating system. They corrode your inner landscape. These codes do not resonate with Truth. They are like parasites. Parasites love to attack their host and are breeding unhealthy habits. These codes cause fragmentation which lead you down the wrong path. Only when you become aware of this coding, start interrupting and then re-wiring it, only then transmutation occurs. This process takes daily devotion. It takes consciousness, re-calibration and disintegration of these disempowering codes. This is about re-coding your inner landscape. Refining and stretching out into more expansion. Until when all that remains in your coding is pure truth & crystal clarity. You are infused with vitality and sparkle diamond frequency. Only then will love flow freely, with no agenda, no conditioning or needing anything in return. Love comes from a pure pristine place. It is divinity embodied, straight coming from God/source. Start today by being conscious of the words you are choosing, the actions you are taking and your default patterns. With your words you are coding your reality, you are weaving your world into existence. Make your words a song, a poetry and a sweet melody. Infuse them with passion, beauty and kindness. With your words you can self-construct miracles but you can also cause misery. Choose actions that come from pure love and serving others unconditionally. When you take care of others you will always be taken care of. You are the architect of your inner landscape. Tune into God/source energy and you will always be divinely guided. I celebrate you on this journey and if you need support please reach out. I am happy to guide you to dive deeper... With love, Sabina


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